Mapa lezeckých stěnCLIMBING WALLS

The area boasts climbing walls and rocks suitable for this kind of sport, too. They are decorated with formations resembling petrified honeycombs, allowing a keen imagination to discover an unlimited wealth of shapes and scenes in them. Experienced climbers should not miss the wide range of routes in Dubské rocks; those less experienced can test their climbing skills on the boulder u Grobiána.



Pěší turistikaHIKING

The ancient rocks and boulders are intriguing; each of them is an original and it is no wonder that even those who have seen them a thousand times will always be happy to return. Hiking is presented in the form of systematically described hiking trails. Thanks to the Czech Tourist Club the routes are well marked; some form circuits or nature trails. Special attention is paid to the descriptions; the difficulty of the routes is displayed according to colour coding on the terrain. You can learn more about the development of tourism and coding in the Kokořín region in works by, for example, Karel Uzel.



Cycling lovers will not find this piece of land a bore. The Kokořín region’s ravines are mysterious, overgrown with golden ferns, blocked by boulders, but, above all, full of cycling routes. The routes are either individual circuits winding around interesting sights, rock formations and protected sites, or are linked to local roads. It is possible to rent a bicycle at the Kokořín Hotel, where you can also seek assistance if you have any trouble with your bike.



In the summer, grown-ups and children alike spend most of their time bathing. You can visit the Nedamov natural swimming pool; Harasov is the nearest lake in the Kokořín region and features two small beaches as well as a place for parking. Those less modest may enjoy the more remote Lake Mácha; those who feel that they need some swimming practice will get it at the historical swimming centre in Mšeno or at the modern swimming pool in Mělník.


Jezdectví a chov koníHORSEBACK RIDING

The most beautiful view of the world is from horseback. The Kokořín region is crisscrossed by a number of paths and trails. In the tangle of ravines, amidst the cleft rocks, there are paths that will guide you from one side of the valley to the other. The horse breeds that will carry you around this varied world include the Czech Warmblood and the Hucul Pony bred at the Laka Hucul Club.



Geocaching is a game known and popular worldwide involving the search for ingeniously concealed containers. The Kokořín region boasts a wealth of these treasures of many different shapes and sizes. Local people are familiar with the game and will sometimes advise you on where a cache is hidden.



Nordic walkingNORDIC WALKING

 Nordic walking is a kind of walking with special poles. The poles have the power to turn a stroll into efficient and swift exercise beneficial for the entire body. If you feel like a bit of a workout, why don’t you take this chance to try out Nordic walking right here in our sandstone valley?



If you are so active that even a whole day’s trek or bicycle ride does not tire you, you can go to the small gym at the Kokořín Hotel, the fitness centre at the Olympionik Hotel in Mělník or the Siesta fitness
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