The protected landscape area was set aside so that it would be free from any industry. Nowhere else in the Czech Republic can one see a piece of land so abounding in rare plants and animals, many of which do not live anywhere else.

Choose between nature parks, reserves and protected biotopes. The best way to admire these impressive treasures is to walk along a nature trail.…



The area of game keeping and hunting is managed by associations of volunteer game keepers and hunters, who take care of, above all, mouflon, fallow deer, roe deer and wild swine, which are typical of this rocky terrain. Small animals occur in negligible numbers; predators and vermin live in concealment.

This world is filled with wonders and experiences that will always make one return. Everyone is invited for a small game keeping show and quiz on the fine hunting pin board in the village of Truskavna.



Povodí Pšovky - rybník KačírekPŠOVKA VALLEY

There are many springs, ponds and pools of the Pšovka River, as it winds around the country. It is a piece of land still occupied by witnesses of ancient times with remnants of fortresses and rock settlements. The river widens in the middle of its course several times, as it feeds the pools of Špačkova and Kačírek and the fishponds of Harasov, Štampach and Lhotka.

The entire course of the Pšovka River used to be skirted by mills, sawmills and turbines utilising the possibility to get clean energy even from such a tiny source. Near Vojtěchov the Pšovka River disappears in thick reeds and flows into the fishpond of Stříbrník. It is situated below a hillock of the same name, at the foot of which people built a cistern for storing drinking water from the fissures in rocks, like at nearby Planý důl.  /  Sitemap   Webdesign: Šmíd a Kasal s.r.o.TOPlist